Apr 29, 2011


The Alabama Relief Project is setup to make it quick and easy to get information about the recent April 27, 2011 Alabama tornado tragedy. This tragedy has left thousands homeless, over 2,000 injured and the death toll is over 300 and rising. Alabama needs your help! Let's unite as a country and come together. Let us carry one another's burdens and lend a helping hand to the thousands suffering from the tragic aftermath of this horrific storm. I have prayed about this and God laid this vision on my heart. The best way that I know how to help here is first and foremost prayer, second is to donate to help rebuild the cities that have been completely broken in Alabama. The damage is severe.

I am a part of The Basement Ministry, located in Birmingham, Alabama. I know that donating to the Basement is the safest investment in helping to rebuild Alabama. This ministry is run by volunteers who faithfully serve one of the largest youth movements in the country. Matt Pitt, the founder of the Basement has been offered million dollar contracts from sponsors like Pepsi and other large entity's of the like. But those offers have been turned down every time because the Basement is not about those things, it is solely about God. The Basement is about serving, being the hands and feet to the ones that need it the most and reaching the lost.

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